Financial Improvement: It Starts From Within

Earnings Optimization is an accelerated and comprehensive program designed to help our clients achieve financial improvement by focusing on opportunities for enhancing revenue, reducing expenses, improving business processes and implementing effective and sustainable cost control measures.

It is a highly collaborative program that incorporates interaction with, and feedback from, all levels of our client’s employees, from executive management to customer-facing employees.

The goal is to enable our clients to achieve financial improvement by rapidly extracting, generating and refining best ideas and opportunities and creating an effective game plan for putting them into action.


Unlocking Our Clients’ Greatest Assets

Our program relies on the fact that financial improvement can best be achieved simply by providing our clients with the appropriate tools, processes, resources and information to unlock hidden value from within their own organizations.

It’s no secret that employees who are closest to an organization’s core business processes are typically best positioned to identify opportunities for reducing expenses and improving revenue, including identifying inefficiencies, wastage, excess costs and lost business opportunities.

Often, there are very few outlets through which these employees can communicate these opportunities to senior management. Worse still, these employees often posses the best ideas to solve problems but lack the necessary processes and resources to rapidly assess, refine, obtain approval and successfully implement.

Pelorus helps its client overcome these challenges by guiding them through a multi-step process which includes:

  • Tapping into and extracting “hidden” reservoirs of business intelligence that already exist within a client’s organization ,
  • Supplementing this business intelligence with leading industry expertise and experience geared towards driving out unnecessary costs, increasing revenue and improving employee satisfaction; and
  • Developing a successful implementation plan to convert this newly-developed knowledge into measurable and sustainable financial improvements.

Our Program in a Nutshell

Typically, the Earnings Optimization program is concluded within a period of months, during which Pelorus’ team of consultants work and collaborate with all layers of a client’s organization to:

  • Perform a preliminary diagnostic assessment of the client’s existing operations, focusing on key financial data points and gaining a sound understanding of the client’s organization, core business processes and overall operations, in order to identify the key levers for improving financial performance.
  • Rapidly extract, generate, and refine the best cost savings and revenue generation ideas and opportunities,
  • Provide risk weighted analysis to senior management for approval,
  • Create a road map, time line and project plan for the client’s successful implementation of the Earnings Optimization Program, and
  • Capture and address the client’s contractual needs and assist in the negotiation and execution of key contracts.


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