Strategy and Performance

As a multidisciplinary firm with a strong track record of achieving financial improvement for our clients, we have the ability to rapidly assess a client’s organizational development needs and recommend a targeted course of action for success.

Business Process Improvement (BPI), Change Management, Leadership Development, Strategic Planning and Team Effectiveness are all separate services designed by Pelorus to help our clients achieve their financial improvement goals.

Clients that have had the most success from our services share our fundamental belief that an effective organizational development program must:

  • Be actively supported from the top
  • Be managed collaboratively at all levels of an organization
  • Include an internal team of formal and informal leaders to guide the effort from within the organization
  • Utilize an appropriate blend of behavioral, social and systems sciences
  • Incorporate research and theory leading to practical applications
  • Be inclusive and inviting to all members of the organization
  • Have a clear understanding of expected outcomes
  • Treat people with respect and dignity
  • Provide multiple avenues for participation
  • Over-communicate progress along the way while keeping the Vision in front of people at all times



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