Executive Coaching for Sustainable Results

Pelorus Coaches work with clients just like a personal trainer works with athletes. Sometimes athletes need to learn a new training regimen to keep them sharp and on their game.

Sometimes it’s about having a trusted adviser to keep them on track and achieving results. In either case it’s the outside perspective, guidance and motivation that makes a world of difference.

Pelorus Coaches help business leaders and entrepreneurs  run better organizations by helping them:

  • Set clear and achievable goals
  • Develop a simple plan to get started
  • Stay on–track and on-time
  • Learn and apply the skills needed to succeed

How is Executive Coaching Different From Consulting?

The focus in Coaching is teaching the client new skills and helping them implement and sustain new behaviors and practices. The Coach helps the client find the answers.

The focus in Consulting is providing the client with the answers based on specific expertise in the industry. The consultant will recommend a specific course of action and in many cases do the work for the client.

Does Pelorus Coach or Consult?

We see the value in both consulting and coaching. We match our approach to the client’s specific needs. This can include financial and operational consulting as well as coaching on setting goals, leading more effectively as well as sales and business development strategies.

How Specifically Will a Coach Help Me?

  • Offer a fresh and unbiased perspective on your business and fresh ideas for accomplishing your goals
  • Tell you the unvarnished truth – all of the time
  • Motivate you to turn plans into actions
  • Be a sounding board for your ideas, goals and aspirations

Where can I learn more?

Douglas Brown is our lead coach.  To learn more about topics you can email him at dbrown@pelorusadvisors.com,  call 203 651 8110 or visit his Speaking & Training Page

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