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2.1 Authorized Users. The Licensee has the right to designate persons as authorized users up to a number of authorized users specified in the order document. If, in addition to the number subscribed, Licensee designates additional persons as Authorized Users, such designation of DiscoverOrg may be considered a subscription to such additional number of Authorized Users by notification to Licensee. In the event of such a subscription, DiscoverOrg may charge Licensee an appropriate additional subscription fee equal to the applicable rate per Authorized User multiplied by the period from the date of notification to the end of the then-current Term. Each authorized user receives a unique user name and password. These usernames and passwords cannot be shared and under no circumstances can be used by people who are not an authorized user. If an Authorized User`s credentials are disclosed to a person who is not an Authorized User, but who would meet the qualification requirements of Section 2.2 of this Agreement, DiscoverOrg may, at Licensee`s request, treat such disclosure as a licensee`s subscription to the number of additional Authorized Users equal to the number of persons to whom such credentials have been disclosed. Licensee is responsible for all Authorized Users` compliance with the terms of this Agreement, including, but not limited to, the restrictions on the use and transfer of the Licensed Materials set forth herein. Licensee acknowledges and agrees that Authorized Users must provide DiscoverOrg with certain identifying information, including their name and business email address, and that Authorized Users may be required to accept an End User License Agreement that accepts DiscoverOrg`s Privacy Policy and represents that they are authorized to access the Services on Licensee`s behalf. It is important to note that you have one month from receiving contact information from the contact to provide this notice. If you use the data to communicate with the data subject, you must submit the communication with your first communication. Before the GDPR came into effect (about three years ago), ZoomInfo implemented a plan to notify all EU-based contacts in our database. The communications indicate that we process your business contact information in our database in order to make it available to our paying customers for marketing purposes.

We give each individual the right to unsubscribe from our database upon request and have reviewed these requests since the implementation of the notification program. To find out if your business is in the ZoomInfo database, search for your organization on the ZoomInfo home page. Once you have found the ZoomInfo profile, you should consider these options to manage your company profile on ZoomInfo: Right to complain: Users residing in the EEA or Switzerland have the right to lodge a complaint about our data collection and processing measures with the competent supervisory authority. The contact details of the data protection authorities are available here. Automated decision-making and profiling rights. The GDPR has safeguards in place to protect individuals from the risk of a potentially harmful decision being made without human intervention. For example, individuals may choose not to be the subject of a decision if the consequence has a legal influence on them or is based on automated processing. Purposes of processing and legal basis for processing: As explained above, we process personal data in different ways, depending on your use of our websites. .


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