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March 5, 2018. (Steve Russell/Toronto Star via Getty Images) YUFA said it was “very concerned” about the tactic against CUPE 3903, particularly with the collective agreement between the union and the university, which is due to expire on 30 April. Do you remember this tentative agreement? It didn`t last long, and in March 2015, 4,000 contract workers hit pickets this time with 6,000 U-T employees on board. CUPE indicates that two-thirds of lower-level courses are taught by retained employees who earn $15,000 per year; they are asking for three-year contracts and a halt to studies. Perhaps out of fear of a repeat in 2008, the quick negotiations lasted only four weeks. The EU has described the efficiency as “precedent”, which is a very good thing since on 5 March 2018, three thousand teachers from York left the course. How long they will last this time, maybe it`s a guess of anyone. Wage Adjustment:Effective August 1, 2018: 2.3%Effective August 1, 2019: 2.2% Sixteen months of fruitless negotiations led to what Vice-President Michael Stevenson called “one of the most generous packages in the province.” YuFA objected and came out. But within weeks, a more serious problem arose when YUFA members discovered a now-known truth: women who aerise their faculty on average $13,500 less than their male colleagues. The new slogan of the strike became “Equity Now” and York, with one of the highest percentages of the women`s faculty and the country`s largest women`s curriculum, suffered great counter-reactions to its hypocrisy. “A remarkable transformation of political consciousness had occurred,” Frauenprof wrote.

Linda Briskin. Fifty-five days later, they obtained an “unsatisfactory” collective agreement. Any indication that more strikes should be done? The workers returned to their workplaces wearing black T-shirts with the words “The Struggle Continues.” Editor`s Note: External Development Fund: The employer makes available to the union $12,500, effective August 1 of each year of the collective agreement, for unionized training programs. Summer hours: From the Friday before Victoria Day to the day of work, the normal work day is reduced by 1 hour per Friday or the last normal working day for all employees at the end of regular service. Childcare: $2 on request for each hour of care ($3.50 per hour for holidays or promotion days) (so far $3.15 per hour on holidays or promotion days). When the employee is called and resolves the problem off-site, the employee receives at least 1 hour`s pay per hour and half or half of the actual hourly and half-time, depending on the time of day; When the worker arrives at university, the worker receives at least 3 hours of pay per hour and half or half of the actual working time per hour and half, depending on the peak of time (double time and half on public holidays or scholarship days). Hearing care: maximum 1,500 USD every 36 months. Orthotics: maximum 2,000 USD every 24 months per person. Meanwhile, the university accused the union of pursuing a set of inappropriate concessions that would cost the school an additional $23 million during the next collective bargaining agreement.

CupE 3903 Blocks 1, 2 and 3, which represent teaching assistants, contract professors and university assistants, began a legal strike action on March 5 to reach a fair collective agreement that protects quality education and creates a less precarious work environment in Ontario`s university sector. “We are now entering into negotiations to renegotiate our own collective agreement and tactics used against CUPE 3903, including delays in negotiations, intensive public relations, forced ratification and enhanced security measures, possibly illegal, could well be applied against other campus unions such as YUFA and the York University Staff Association (YUSA),” reads the message posted on its website.


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