Staying Put Tenancy Agreement

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If a nurse has placed a young person in their home, West Berkshire wants them to remain registered as a nursing assistant. This gives them the support of the family placement team and the care association. While the role will change, the city council wants to maintain the same quality of care for young people. Discussion with the adolescent and caregiver should begin on the possibility of staying as soon as possible, ideally before the young person reaches the age of 16. The “Staying Put” option should be identified in the adolescent`s first care plan after the 16th birthday. Staying Put: What does this mean for you? (Catch 22 National Care Advisory Service). It is a brochure for dependents who stay with their caregiver after the age of 18 and the obligations of assistance of local authorities. The young person will continue to have a designated worker to help him while they are in staying put internship. They will complement Pathway plans and work with the caregiver to help youth develop the skills they need in adulthood. The worker will ensure that the juvenile person understands the terms of the residence put agreement. This may involve strengthening what is expected of the young person in order to benefit from his or her salary, benefits or DLA, helping young people to apply for appropriate funds and benefits, and helping them develop a method for making regular payments, such as local housing assistance, to the former caregiver. , in accordance with the terms of the agreement.

The staying put agreements are designed to ensure that young people can stay with their former caregivers until they are prepared for adulthood, experience a transition similar to that of their peers, avoid social exclusion and avoid a further reduction in housing and rents. A review can be agreed earlier in agreement between the young person, the facilitators and the experts involved. The young person needs a licensing agreement from the facilitators, which specifies the nature of the licensing agreement and the breakdown of costs.


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