Southern Shorthaul Railroad Enterprise Agreement

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In 2010, the SSR entered the coal transportation market. It operates trains from the NSW Western Coalfields (Airly, Clarence, Coal and Lidsdale) and from Newstan Colliery to the ports of Kooragang Island, Carrington and Port Kembla. [1] In 2018, the company began operating Hunter Valley with 3 CEY classes and 90 PHTH triters. As of May 2020, SSR operated the following locomotives on behalf of other owners, including the negotiated changes to RDO (or Green Days) that were amended as a result of feedback from SSR members received by the RTBU during the last EA tour. Contact us today to learn more about our products or services and why we are one of the most reliable rail freight companies in Australia. In 2013, sSR celebrated its 10th anniversary, created a special logo and painted the new SSR class in another variant of the yellow and black varnish. In December 2013, SSR began operating a container service from Kelso to Port Botany. This train mainly carries container grain and has increased considerably in size since its first voyage. Whether you need heavy transportation, maintenance and manufacturing of intermodal rolling stock, the SSR team for quality, safety and customer.

We work hard to keep your business moving with efficient and cost-effective products and services tailored to your individual needs. 2016 was a year of rapid deployment for the SSR, when they purchased The Greentrains locomotive fleet [7][8] [8] [8] [excluding the 8026 and T383 that Greentrains had maintained), so that SSR could no longer lease the driving force like the VL class locomotives and develop its operation. SSR also purchased 180 coal cars that were previously used in the Leigh Creek coal train after it ran. Since then, SSR has transformed them into grain cars by transforming the unloading doors and mounting fibre optic lids, and converting 3 grain trains into handling 50 to 60 cars. Southern Shorthaul Railroad was founded in December 2003, when the remains of Great Northern Rail Services were purchased by Chicago Freight Car Leasing Australia. Ea`s revised draft was then forwarded and approved to CSR delegates. Current rail companies include grain transportation for Arrow Commodities, Emerald Grain, Newcastle AGRI Terminal, Allied Mills and George Weston Foods in NSW and Victoria, intermodal operations for Fletchers International Exports and Grainforce in NSW, coal services for Centennial Coal in NSW, infrastructure trains for RailCorp in NSW, locomotive and car maintenance services for Pacific National and V/Line in Victoria, EMU deliveries for Melbourne metro trains and various works. Check out our website to learn more about our business and the range of services, including: SSR operates a combination of leased locomotives and locomotives:[9][10] In June 2018, SSR owned and operated the following locomotives:[11] Southern Shorthaul Railroad is an Australian rail freight operator in New South Wales and Victoria. In 2012, sSR established a subsidiary BRM Leasing. In October 2012, the name was changed to Consolidated Rail Leasing.

[5] Part of the SSR fleet has been made available for leasing via CRL. Following numerous meetings and conference calls on the SSR Enterprise Agreement, the SSR submitted a final draft of the EA for review.


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