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The Erasmus exchange programs of the Faculty of Corporate Management Kerstin Bach Erasmus Coordinator University of Mannheim Yvonne Paulus, foreign affairs faculty of business www.bwl.uni-mannheim.de slide While studying the MMM, you get the opportunity to spend one semester abroad. In contrast to the Bachelor program, the time abroad is optional. In detail, there are three different options to stay at a foreign university. More information can be found on the website of the Dean`s Office. 11 Double-Degrees: Basic Information 2 separate degrees from 2 universities About 120 ECTS Workload (4 semesters) Students spend one year at the University of Mannheim and one year at partner university Students are exempted from university tuition each dual degree program has a different academic focus 11 Double Degree HsH and RGU What is the semester for the Double Degree? An early study during the winter semester allows for the judicious construction of the Double Degree with the RGU. Master of Science in Management (M.Sc.) Double Degree Program Warsaw School of Economics (SGH Warsaw) General information: Students of the Master of Science in Management have the opportunity to INFORMATION SESSION: OPPORTUNITIES ABROAD For the winter semester 2016/17 Double Degree/THEMIS application date: 13-20 November 2015 Application date 1: 4 December 2015 Application date 2: 25. 29. International Orientation of the Faculty of Economics Italian double-degree program BA Economics (Naples) Europe: ERASMUS World: China, Mexico, Russia, 5 optional subjects optional (optional) There can only be chosen one subject to choose 2-24 ECTS No optional subject by participating in: Business Research Program Double-graduation Program The subject to option should not be chosen during the first semester Bachelor and Master courses cannot be repeated in MMM 5 Obviously, the most comfortable way to await a foreign university by isosing one of the university`s partners. You have to apply for a study course at one of the partner universities of the Business School until the 31st of October. The admission will be felt out about two months later. A huge advantage of applying at a partner university is that you do not need to pay tuition fees for the foreign university, but only the administrative costs for the University of Mannheim. 23 Registration and examination Course registration through the student portal Application for seminars directly to the Chair Registration for exams Registration Deadline for exams in compulsory subjects and business courses: October 2013 Regular enrollment period: October 2013 Registration in optional subjects courses: Registration for optional subjects: Registration exams directly at the study office (via) 23 Informa (onen zur Bachelor Prefungsordnung Wirtscha)swissenscha) liche faculty Leibniz University Hannover Wintersester 2013 / 2014 1 What is the exam regulation? The exam regulation regulates all German seminaries admission to the teacher diploma in the German teaching subject requirements and to the bachelor`s degree 1 1 Preliminary Note This newsletter replaces interventions on teacher training of high school The process of recognition of foreign benefits and Learning Agreements has been centralized in the meantime in Dean BWL.

Please contact Cathrin Rieger directly with Dean BWL. 27 Miscellaneous (II) The ecum-card is available at the Library of The University of Semesterticket for Public Transport (EUR 145) is available at the VRN Free Half-Year Subscription terminals at the main residence in Mannheim Available from the downtown/Jungbusch civic service at K7 Housing Search Assistance: Studentenwerk (27 Advice on the Structure of Studies and Scheduling, The organization chart, the identification of the final notes, the general information on the basic subjects and the grouping of materials I.


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