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Please follow the steps below to check and confirm the accommodation agreement endorsement: you can see the type of apartment you requested on your accommodation portal in myUCF. Connect to myUCF and go to Student Self Service > Housing > Housing Portal > Applications. After selecting the semester, you will see all the applications you have started. Don`t despair! Fortunately, there are many student residences off campus, near the university, that can provide suitable housing. In addition, the university has an office for student Neighborhood Relations, which serves as a source of information to help students find off-campus housing, housing and/or roommates. If you see another error message when you fill in the app, you can log in to myUCF, reconnect and try again. You do NOT create multiple apps by clicking on the case app more than once. If you have tried several times and receive error messages, call us at 407-823-4663 or contact us. You can receive a residential logbook at your home address in the mail as soon as you are offered entry to the UCF.

However, all official Department of Housing and Residence Life communications with you are sent by email, myUCF and the Housing and Residence Life website. We do not ship invoices, assignments of premises, applications, etc. No, the deadlines for submitting applications for the summer and fall are separate. You can apply simultaneously in the summer and fall by entering into two housing contracts on the housing portal (myUCF > Student Self Service > Housing > Housing Portal). Unfortunately, we don`t have a family or married apartments on campus. You can find apartments off campus if they ucf.offcampuspartners.com/ or www.LiveSomeWhere.com/UCF/ Don`t think you`ve been assigned to apartments on campus. Based on the date of your application for accommodation, a confirmed date will be communicated to you as soon as the space is available. You can check the status of your app by following the instructions below on this page. If we can`t offer you a seat for the semester you want, we`ll send you a transfer to off-campus student housing.

We will do so as soon as possible, so that you can enter into alternative housing agreements. The bathrooms in the academic accommodations are cleaned weekly. Your supervisor will publish the cleaning plan in the bathroom. Before the administrator arrives, you are expected to remove all your belongings from the sink, counter and shower area of the bathroom. If you don`t, your bathroom won`t be cleaned. Residents must maintain their kitchen spaces and vacuum their apartments. Students who live in Towers at Knights Plaza and NorthView are responsible for their own cleaning. Students staying in the Rosen College Student apartments receive a weekly bathroom cleaning. When a student wishes to appeal a cancellation test, an appeal may be filed as long as there is a legitimate basis for the appeal. General dissatisfaction with housing, such as roommates, services or policies, is not a basis for vocation. Students who wish to use accommodation costs that are not related to the cancellation should contact the staff of the residence who initiated the fees (for example.B. cleaning, bad start, key, etc.).

Payments that are subject to compensatory measures for housing companies are not subject to compensatory measures. If you have an illness or disability requiring special accommodation inside the accommodation, you can indicate this during the online application process. As soon as you indicate that you have an illness or disability requiring accommodation, you will receive more information about the appropriate forms and procedures. Your doctor`s documents are required. If you have any questions about possible accommodations, call 407-823-4663 and contact the Room Assignments team.


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