Dental Hygiene Collaborative Agreement

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End all completed services in a collaborative practice capability using the following procedures: For collaborative practice, dental hygienists who offer registration services in a managity care organization (MCO) apply to the MCO for registration and coverage requirements. Laboratory Practice Dental hygienists must be employed or retained by one of the next Minnesota Health Care Groups (MHCP) enrolled: Individual Collaborative Practice Dental hygienists are not eligible for direct MHCP reimbursement. Individual Collaborative Practice Dental hygienists must register with a group in order to obtain a group-level reimbursement for all dental hygienic services provided to MHCP participants. As part of this process, MHCP requires individual national identifiers of national ISPs (NPIs) and membership in one or more of these registered group providers. Minnesota Statutes, 150A.10, Sub-Division 1a (Collaborative Practice Authorization for Dental Hygienists in Community Institutions) MHCP reimbursed for dental services covered as part of the collaborative practice of dental hygienist, as identified in the Minnesota Statutes, 150A.10, Sub-Division 1a.


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