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13.Members who change their membership (or otherwise change their contract) must sign a new membership agreement. Updated membership (at a higher price, membership is not subject to a fee. Membership downgrade (at a lower price of membership are subject to all new expiry and cancellation dates, conditions and fees, including registration and early cancellation fees.) 3. Autopay contracts for three months that were terminated before the conclusion of the first three months are billed at 60% of the balance ($132 in case of cancellation after one month, $66 in case of cancellation after two months). Please note that ALL AUTO-PAY ABONNEMENTS require 30 days of written communication to set the airtime. 12. Once the member has submitted an application to change membership, it is up to the member to ensure that CAPY has responded to the same email account to confirm the processing of the application. CAPY is in no way responsible for the negligence of members in verifying their own bank statements to ensure that changes, detentions or cancellations of membership have been properly processed. In the event of miscommunication, the member is required to submit a copy of his or her application and CAPY`s response for review.

Only if CAPY does not fulfill what it has agreed will CAPY repay all funds legally earned to members. In the event that the member cannot provide a copy of the e-correspondence with CAPY, CAPY is not required and will not reimburse the fee charged to the member`s account. 15. The program can be modified without notice. Please check our website for minute changes, supplements and/or cancellations. 9. Three-month members may freeze their membership for one or two weeks after two months of automatic detoxification costs, the first time three months after the start of the membership. This option will only be rewarded if you by email.

If the member wishes to freeze his membership for more than two weeks, a reactivation fee of $50.00 will be charged to the member to cover the administrative costs. 16. Memberships are non-refundable and non-transferable. 8. CAPY reserves the right to set the member`s credit card fees at the time of registration if the Member`s bank account does not have sufficient resources and/or a member is charged due to insufficient fines imposed on CAPY due to insufficient resources and/or cheques returned at the time of the automatic bank project. 5. For the first month`s payment, a credit/debit card must be used. After this member has the option to provide a cancelled cheque and/or bank account information to remove automatic projects from their current accounts. If Cap Ann Power Yoga, LLC (hereafter called CAPY) does not receive a cancelled cheque in time for the first automatic payment, the credit card will be debited until the cancelled cheque is deposited. 7. CAPY is in no way liable or obliged to pay the insufficient fines imposed on the fund, the cheques returned and/or the ceilings.


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