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It`s less common. You list with more than one agency, but you only pay commissions to the agency that sells your property. If you choose an agent, you will be asked to sign a “sales authority” that names that agent. This is a legally binding contract that contains all the details of your agreement with the agent. If the agency has to share sales commissions with others, this is the most common type of sales authority. This means that you appoint an agency to market and sell your property. All oral agreements must be confirmed in writing by the Amf and signed by you and the agent. If you have specific agency instructions, join them to the Authority. An agent must inform you in writing if they share the commission with people outside their own agency, for example. B a lawyer, agent or other agent.

[1] “app unit” is defined in law as “agency or organization” (s6), and “organization” is defined as a natural, corporatist association or fidelity, in partnership or not, which is not “a small entrepreneur, a registered political party, an agency, a public or territorial authority or a mandatory instrumentality of a state or territory” (s6C). The agency has the right to collect commissions if the property is sold and can get a commission, even if you sell your property without its help. The details of the appointment identify the parties to the agreement, the country in question, all chats (goods) that are transferred to the property, and other important concepts such as the duration of the authority, the minimum price, as well as the agent`s commission and marketing costs. The final form of the sales contract should be consistent with these provisions. For example, the “Chattels” section determines which products are sold at the same time as the country. There are two main ways to sell a property: by auction or private. Both methods have advantages and disadvantages. An agent will be able to recommend the best selling method for your particular circumstances. For more information, see the method of selling the property and the price. They could interpret that as $500,000 with a commission of 3.3 per cent and $85,000 with a commission of 3.85 per cent.


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